Cleanroom Touch Keyboard in Stainless Steel Housing

Cleanroom touch keyboard with a completely clean and smooth surface for use in sterile environments as cleanrooms, life science, pharmacies and laboratories. This touch keyboard technology is chosen by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, because traditional keyboards break down and cannot be cleaned completely thus compromising regulatory requirements.

The surface is made of secure Gorilla® touch glass that is completely flat and fully disinfectable with no compromises. Constructed in a sealed stainless steel housing that can be mounted on wall, on HMI or on machine with adjustable or fixed hinges. Blue Line’s touch keyboards are without moving parts ensuring long durability and long term reliability.

This keyboard works with various types and layers of gloves made of nitrile/latex and silicone. A typical use case would be 3 layers of gloves, one layer of cotton gloves and two layers of nitrile/latex or silicone gloves. It is also possible to combine with thicker safety gloves. The sensitivity of the touch keyboard can be adjusted to suit the number of layers of gloves.

• Stainless steel housing AISI 304 or AISI 316L
• Mount on wall, HMI or machine with fixed or adjustable hinges
• Flat Gorilla® touch glass surface
• Capacitive touch keyboard & pad
• Operation with gloves
• Easy to clean & disinfect
• Withstands tough detergents: iso-propyl alcohol, non-deionized water, VHP, Spor-Klenz™, Klercide, Actisan, LpH®, Vesphene® and more
• No moving parts for maximum reliability
• Various language layouts
• IP65 protection rating
• Keylock function
• Various designs / integrations

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Model Type

Cleanroom Touch Keyboard in Stainless Steel Housing

Fully sealed enclosure in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316L
Ingress Protection


Operating temperature 0°C to +60°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +65°C

Input Type

Capacitive multi touch (supports gloves)

Number of Keys


Mouse Function

Capacitive touchpad



Operating System
Dimension and Weight
H 50 x W 540 x D 250mm 6.5kg
Warranty and After Sales Support

Standard 1 year (option for 3 years)

Ordering Information