Service Program

Our objective is to provide our customers with the best choice of a cost-effective and efficient service program.

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The Blue Lines product range is designed in high and durable quality. However, we understand that down-time can involve significant additional costs hence the different service options provided. These options will ensure stable future service costs and provide lowest possible total cost of ownership.

The Blue Line service program is a comprehensive package of add-on service options that will help protect your technology investment and offer additional security for your business. We offer different levels of service plans. The most extensive plan involves swap units at customer’s manufacturing site making it possible to guarantee maximum up-time.

Service Program

Warranty is valid from invoice date and covers defects in materials and manufacturing. Defects that may arise as a result of the customer’s or any third party’s incorrect handling or intervention are not covered by the warranty.

Consumable parts are excluded from warranty and service.

Warranty on batteries are 12 months from invoice date and the period is not extendable. This includes batteries built in mobile devices and mobile operator stations. The warranty on batteries presupposes usage according to Blue Line's instructions.

Service and warranty do not cover third-party software. Blue Line is not responsible for data loss or other indirect losses.